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All of the pages listed below are atleast 50% hand coded. The last few are 90% to 100% hand coded. I don't use Dreamweaver or any of the WYSIWYG page building tools with the exception of making image maps. This makes for better more efficeint code.
My First Site 1993   This is my first web site. Shows some of my interests at that point in my life.
My Second Site 1995   This site shows my progression to the use of image maps, some really bad backgrounds and large images.
Bown Central 1997   This page came much later than the other two. I use style sheets, layers, smaller images and much better navagation. This site was never finished do to it's size. I had so much I wanted to put up on this site but not enough time.
CWB Tech 1999   With this site I tried to take a website and make it into one page. I use layers, style sheets and javascript to make each page like a piece of paper being shuffled from top to bottom depending on the link that you clicked. This site is much, much smaller. This is the first site that I marketed to the search engines. It did very well for about 30% of the keywords listed. The Contact page was never finished.
ACDCS 1999   This site was built for a class in my second Trimester at DeVry. Uses a lot of large graphics. I was trying to impress people with the graphics. Uses the same basic temp as the CWB Tech site. Layers, style sheets and javascript to make a whole site into one page. The contact page on this site works. It also uses transitions from page to page, not very bandwidth friendly but the look kind of cool.
Ambers Sweet Retreat 2000   Ambers Sweet Retreat was the first commercial site that I had ever done. It is for a care home for the ederly. I use an I-Frame on this site. If you are using Netscape 4.7 or earlier you will not be able to see the page. I used an I-Frame because I was trying to keep download times very fast and I didn't want to deal with the frames nightmare. This site was totally coded by hand with the exection of the image maps.

I marketed this site from the beginning. It was doing very well until the company decided to discontinue their services. It was listed under almost 75% of the keywords listed in the metatags. I think this was a very good looking site.